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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  March 25, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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a qualifying u-verse bundle. [ male announcer ] with u-verse tv, you can even upgrade to over 155 hd channels. that's more than cable. maybe that's why u-verse tv is ranked "highest in residential television service satisfaction in the west" by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >> weeks of rain trigger land slide at water main break spwurpingt the water supply to 160 homes in pleasanton. crew expect to work through the wean to restore full service. residence advised to drink
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bottled water for the time being. >> good evening. the rain has stopped but not for long. spencer is here in a minute to talk about another storm a couple of hours. damage from these storms is piling up though in san pablo. neighbors are watching the ground beneath them slip slide down a hill. thomas has the story. >> i will not stay here tonigh tonight. >>reporter: barbara scott lived in the home here since 1972. rain damage started last sunday. but today the situation has gotten dangerous. her retaining wall and yard itself is sliding downhill. she fears that she might not have a home soon. >> scared. worried. this is home. and l you look around and you say there's a possibility that i can actually lose my home. >>reporter: she's afraid if the deck goes so goes her home. today a structural engineer for the city examined the damage to the 3 homes here and then red tagged barbara home.
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she's leaving to stay with her twin sister in hercules. below barbara home on hillside avenue the city suggested she put a tarp over the hillside but the nephew is taking the tarp off is useless. >> like a band-aid on a heart attack. damage already done and so whatever the city is going to do they are going to do. but so far the city hasn't been able to do anything. they say the houses are not on city property. and sandra whose husband has lived in the house for 43 years says the hillside slid 10 pet down the hill. it's already crushed her shed. >> it's terrible. can't sleep at night. come out. you watch to see. how close it is getting to the house. shed. every time. it pushed the dirt moves. soil moves. the shed will just make this loud creeking noise. and it's very scary. >>reporter: the people a meeting with the city council
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today studying what to do. marymoor wrist told mark what would he do were he in their shoes. >> if it was me looking at it personally and it was my house i would say no. >> you would walk away. >> i would walk away. >>reporter: now the city san pablo says they don't have any money but the mayor says if the city staff is going to look to see if they can find emergency funds to help these people. meanwhile they have been told that since they don't have flood insurance they are not covered whatever repair they are going to have to make are going to be on their own. and tomorrow morning there's going to be a soil engineer coming out to tell them exactly what the daniel is and what they can hope for in the future of the homes. live in san pablo, abc 7 news. >> okay thomas thanks very much for. that in livermore discharges from the overflowing reservoir closed sycamore grove park for the sixth consecutive day. authorities say the water level of the creek that runs
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through the park is now astronomically higher their term than normal parts of the correct normally 6 inches deep. now they are about 6 feet deep just to give you some idea of how much more serious it is there. now it took workers 6 thundershowers clear the road in fairfax and marin county after giant tree smashed an suv and blocked an entire neighborhood for most of yesterday. this video was sent to us through you report powered by you tube. far up north fear lake is larger tonight. it has crested above flood stage for the first time in 13 years and expected to rise slightly over the next day or so as it collects storm run off. these are pictures that harold sent us of lake port a community around clear lake. you can see the street is under 6 inches of water now. there's that picture. fortunately no homes are tlaentd even though it looks precariously close to the homes. apparently not threatened by this up load the weather video and photo to you 7 or e-mail
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them to you report at kg o dash helps us tell the story in many different ways we appreciate those photos. >> now if you think the rain is over, think again. next rain is due in tonight. just what we don't need. spencer is here with the time line. spencer. >> okay. start with look at live doppler 7 hd. we have pockets of precipitation but those pockets are larger than they were a few hours ago. first up in north bay healdsburg and santa rosa area of light rainfall farther south area of rainfall there and near vacaville and elk grove and out to sacramento some rain fall as well. light rain showing up now just moving across the bay to the east bay hayward fremont berkeley san ramone. let me give you the tim line on the next storm. animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight and then during the over nature hours wee hours of the morning rain develop. it's heavy at times. by 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning entire bay area will be getting drenched with moderate to heavy rainfall. but look at this
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front sweeps through quickly and by 12 noon it will be almost out of the bay area with at least some partial clearing behind it. good news, right. well maybe not. there's another storm coming.i'll give you a close look at both storms a little bit later. >> all right as we used to say when kids uncle. enough. thanks spencer very much. >> this is what the city of cap toll a looked like 24 hours ag ago. a major clean up now under way after burst pipe led to flooding in dozens of businesses and homes. from wet sidewalk no water collecting to this point right here about seven minutes. that's how long how fast the water rose. >>reporter: this is where the water began the destructive path. drainage pipe running underneath pacific could he have mobile home park collapse collapsed. david's home is considered ground zero. >> i had a 500 square foot redwood deck my son and myself built and it's gone. it's in the hole. it's sad. >> we have had some record rain ear in the last 24 hours. we think we have about 6 inches of
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rain in about a 10 hour period with about three inches happening over course of 3 hours. >>reporter: the city owner the mobile home park where the pipe failed and says the intense storm simply overwhelmed the drainage system. >> and to the sierra now. interstate 80 finally reopened late this afternoon but it sure has been a rough 24 hours for motorist trying to get to and from the slope. that story now from laura. >>reporter: while cal-trans worked to clear interstate 80 travelers could only wait in some cases more than 24 hours for the major highway through the high sierra to reopen. >> good luck sir. >> my daughter getting married in reno and i have to be there tomorrow. >> i have been here since 2:30 yesterday. >>reporter: yichlt waited for skiing is awesome.i'll wait as long ace can because it's going to be really incredible tomorrow. >>reporter: if truckers were held even farther down the road at apple gate where dozens of big rig waited out the closure.
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these reno base drivers spent the night auburn. clearly weary of all the stormy weathe weather. >> we spent the night in the truck yes. >>reporter: how was that. >> cold. >> it has been terrible. l miserable. cold. pl dealing with the chains. but by the same token there has been excitement. >>reporter: l ski resort workers spent the day trying to clear the roof and heavy equipment made a path to the main lodge. all in hopes of getting resort open again for the weekend. if these guys were just trying to keep a gas station canopy from collapsing. >> that canopy can only hold so much. the canopy is likeal square bowl when it rains the snow will get heavier and that is going to be dangerous. >>reporter: for about a mile l south or west of the summit donner summit you can see a car pulling over there. conditions here highly changeable. one of
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the issues cal-trans trying to deal with all day, simply nowhere to put all the snow. they throw it up on the bank it comes back down. again anyone heading up here best adviceed to check for the very latest conditions. near donner summi summit, abc 7 news. l leave it up there. move from weather coverage next to some other news. more to get to in fact finally good economic news. california job gain is higher than any other state in the country. >> these guys don't start moving and moving fast, i'm pl prepared to pull the plug. >> in sacramento frustration among democratic lawmakers rose as the budget demand increased from the g.o.p. >> and what may drive english teachers to despair. the text shorthand now part of the oxford english dictionary. shorthand now part of the oxford english dictionary. more to come.
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tionz beings.
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>> there is good news if job hunting. california employers are beginning to hire again. 96,000 people found jobs last month. that's almost as much as as many as the past 11 mont months combined and the best month in more than 2 decades. unemployment rate slipped lower to 12.2%. still high obviously and above the national average but it is improving. 17 thousands of those jobs were added in the south bay. marin. san francisco. san mateo county and 7300 jobs, 900 jobs were added in the east bay. >> tough job going on if sacramento. friction and frustration there tonight over the state budget. the governor and republicans at odds over spending cuts and tax issues
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that ordinary californians stuck in the middle. capitol correspondent annette has the latest on negotiations. >>reporter: of assembly speaker l walked out of governor brown office saying budget talk have taken a step back. 2 different republican leaders have now taken over negotiations and given governor brown their undisclosed list of demands. two weeks past the governor's deadline. >> we made the presentation to the governor as far what is we felt was necessary in order to restore california and help create jobs and he's going to kind of think bit and get back to us. >>reporter: democrats are becoming increasely frustrated threatening to end negotiations and put the special election to extend some temporary taxes up for a floor vote pro-postal that republicans refuse to support without an over hauling government operation. >> if these guys don't start moving and moving fast, about i'm prepared to pull the plug. if the vote isn't there then we are going to you know consider
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the other path way. >>reporter: parents and teachers are glad to hear other path way are being considered to get the tax extensions on the ballot. tens of thousands of pink slips went out to california teachers earlier this month and voter approval to pay the higher tax rate for 5 more years could save those jobs. otherwise public schools could see the budget ax for another 5 billion dollars. funding cut they can hardly afford. >> definitely they should have a special election. if they are going to take everything away we should have a right to say wait a minute. >> one thing i feel in like sometimes that i'm letting kids move on to the next level that didn't get everything they nee needed to with me. >>reporter: one senator involved in early negotiations isn't ready to give up hope. >> it's possible at any time for these guys to finally come to their sense and i think con since is closer all the time. >>reporter: we hear from governor brown office there are 53 items on the republican list of demands. likely to include changes to public pension and environmental laws and limit on government spending. in
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sacramento, abc 7 news. >> all right spencer is back. bell about to sound for round 3 of the storm system coming through. >> quite a series of storms. they have all been pretty powerful storms. soaked and drenched. ground saturated and more to come. here's live view from the high definition camera abc 7 lacking out across embarcadero bay bridge and right now we have scattered showers around the bay area. some light shower activity right here near abc 7 few minutes ago. rather dry at the moment just outside our studio but certainly not dry across the entire viewing area. live doppler 7 hd we have pockets of light rainfall scattered around the bay area. north basement east basement a little bit working down on to the nearest bay and peninsula right now. let's look where we have some rainfall.i'll step out of the way. see healdsburg, santa rosa, vacaville, fairfield, san rafael, concord all getting light rainfall at the moment down to dublin as wechlt it is going to get heavier during the overnight hours. temperature readings generally in the low
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50's from 50 to 52 in most locations. these are our highlights. rain late tonight and tomorrow morning. light rain on sunday so we are not going to see much dry weather this weekend but it will be dry and warmer next week. in fact quite a bit warmer. point out we have a high surf advisory in effect until midnight tonight. swell under the west northwest 13 to 15 feet. wave height are up to about 13 or 14 feet right now. there is the possibility of strong rip current and what we call sneaker waves so not a good ideaton to be hanging out along the coast line tonight. satellite radar composite image shows approaching next storm system that will bring us rainfall late tonight and early tomorrow into about midday tomorrow as a matter of fact that will be followed rather quickly by yet a second weekend storm which brings us light rain on sunday so be prepared for wet weather this weekend. rainfall projection for total from the first storm 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night probably see up to inch and a half in the north bay up to about 8
9:17 pm
tenths of an inch peninsula and east bay. maybe half inch in the south bay and inch and a half in the santa cruz mountains then from the next storm comes in on sunday. much more modest rainfall total but still we get some wet weather out of this. just few hundredths of an inch from the second storm in the south bay up to tenth inch perhaps in the peninsula and the east bay up in the north bay maybe up to quarter of an inch so not a big storm but still important wet weather on top of this saturated soil. out in the sierra winter storm warning in effect until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow evening. we have already received 5 feet of snow in the sierra over last couple days. 1 to 2 feet could fall in the negligence storm and travel delay and road closure are almost a certainty. tomorrow back here in the bay area. we see rainfall in the morning. showers in the afternoon. and some breaks with a little bit of sunshine peaking through in the afternoon. high pressure mainly in the 50's but up to about 60 at 43 month. sant san jose. getting a little bit milder. here is our
9:18 pm
accu-weather 7 day forecast. so rain overnight tonight. early tomorrow morning. a little bit of a break in the afternoon with some showers. light rain on sunday. monday dry getting a little bit milder and look at the mild weather on tuesday wednesday thursday friday. inland high in the low to mid 70's by midweek next week. we will be celebrating the sunshine and warm weather because we are so tired of the rain. >> rain is so saturated. all right. >> listen. plt next story listen closely you will be able to hear spencer toes curl. the folks at the oxford dictionary the guard an of the english language has given in. they released list of new words making the latest edition and all the texting brief yaition now official. l there is o mg which was actually first used in 19 17 letter by british admiral. l o l laugh out loud and bff. a.m. h o and ego
9:19 pm
surfing that's the practice of searching for your own name on the internet. there you go. >> not pleased. l o mg. not l o l. all right. let's move on now. as we continue here tonight. storm disrupts the happy home of the beaver family martinez that we followed for >> common but little known ingredient all over story isle isles. the question is is it making children even more hyperactive? and nuclear nightmare are the worst fear being realized in japan nuclear power plant? stay with us. more to bring
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repair the home they were living in. all 4 dam were washed away during yesterday storm. so far 3 of the 4 beavers living in the creek have been spotted. they are okay. this is video of one of them posted yesterday on you tube. despite the damp those who keep want on the beavers don't expect them to poof out. they rebuilt before. >> federal regulator approve the first thayer foy prolong the lives of melanoma patients. fda has approved an injectible drug marketed as the drug that uses the body own immune system to fight cancer than relying on chemotherapy drugs. they lived 4 months longer than older skin care medication. none of which had ever proven effective. so it is encouraging. >> something new tonight about a condition nearly 5 and half million american children have been diagnosed with. adhd.
9:24 pm
tonight new study suggest the link between adhd and hidden ingredient in food found in virtually every corner of the supermarket. here's lisa. >> chemical klortion that make blue berry cereal more blue and some chip look orange. 7-year-old nicholas believes he knows why they add the colorin coloring. >> give them fun colors. you just don't want tan every day. >>reporter: now government report finds these food diet while not causing adhd may worsen the condition in some children. nearly 1 in 10 children suffers from adhd. struggling to focus. acting impulsively. take a toll on academic performance. the dye used in thousands office foods. everything from cereal to candy to macaroni and cheese to chips even some sports drinks. for shoppers it can be a challenge to avoid the dye. >> everything has dye in it.
9:25 pm
unless you buy you will natural and all organic that's not easily done. >> at the center for science in the public interest has been asking the fka to ban the dye for years. >> kahn get rid of all the dye at this point. >> you absolutely can. informed dye not necessary. wide variety of natural coloring that could be used. >> food industry insist dad that the safety of artificial colors has been affirmed through extensive review. but next week an fda panel will vote on whether to recommend warning labels on food with the coloring. for now any concerned parent has to soycht ingredient themselves. lisa abc news washington. >> when we continues here tonight. >> reach of containment 3 scariest word. >> japan government admits the situation at the fukushima nuclear plant is gravy. >> plus how the earthquake and
9:26 pm
tsunami in japan putting the squeeze on the bay area econom economy. >> why one of the world l bi biggest corporation is paying no taxes. and the bay area tribute to the master of no taxes. and the bay area tribwe are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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and this is the next generation of air fresheners from air wick; powered by 100% natural propellants for a cleaner fragrance experience. come see how refreshing, a fresh scent can be. >> good evening once again thanks for joining us. start this half hour with sky pan. prime minister calling the nuclear fleet his country grave and serious. tonight after perhaps the biggest breach yet of the fukushima nuclear plant. here's how one scientist interprets danger. >> for the very first time we may have a direct path way between the super hot uranium car through crack in the vessel
9:30 pm
into the environment. at best it means more radiation. more contamination. more panic. but at worse could it lead to evacuation of the emergency operator and then we may have melt down in 3 reactors. >> as we said graichlt it has been two weeks now since the earthquake and tsunami struck. latest from the damaged knew him plant from david wright. >> today japanese officials acknowledge a possible breach in the containment vessel of reactor no. 3. the situation japan prime minister called grave and serious. >> this is not a time for optimism he said. >> workers at the plant dragging electrical cable through a puddle when radioactive water poured into their boot. 2 were hospitalized with serious burn to the skip of their feet. >> skin contamination is least of their problems. >>reporter: water was 10,000 times more radioactive than water just outside the plant.
9:31 pm
leading if issues to suspect there's crack or hole in the stainless steel chamber of the reactor core. japanese authorities urging evacuation area around the troubled plant. expand from 12 months to nearly 20. today many had that wider area packed their things and joined the thousands of others atomic refugee. >> this is the thomas sports arena. temporary home to 2200 people now living in cardboard boxes here in the concourses. unlike the people made home leads by the tsunami and earthquake most of these people homes are intact but radioactive. l he and his sister inlaw have been searching the shelt ertion for their family for would weeks. home inside the exclusion zone. not allowed to inform near it. we like permission to two back to the house sister inlaw said. won't be satisfied until we see it with our own eyes. for now they can't because of this. david wright abc news, tokyo.
9:32 pm
>> earthquake and tsunami had slowed down production and shipping of japanese goods that come to the u.s. so much so that this tanker from japan was the first to arrive at the port of oakland today since the disaster two weeks ago. lee ann reports on the economic impact ever since. >> after china and south korea japan third largest exporter of container goods to the u.s. things like cars and auto part parts. computer and electronic product. these are the people who move those goods from the port of oakland. >> i have seen a lot of auto parts. mainly parts and machinery, al agricultural. >>reporter: electricity shortage that manufacturing plants in japan have slowed down production. then there are the damage roads and bridges that make getting goods from point a to b difficult. truck drivers at the port of oakland know they will start feeling the impact in a few week also. >> right now january february
9:33 pm
and march is like. that it's low. this year is going to be l more than that because it's miami. l that's all we have we have to wait for that. major company in silicon valley like apple already being affected. james lincoln with the pl hospital school of business. all we design and most of the assembly is done in china. but many of those components that the chinese are putting together are japanese components. >> still he doesn't think the impact will be long lasting. meanwhile toyota acknowledged it has stopped over time at its 13 north america plant knowing there will be shortages. l he's with the port of oakland. the. >> short-term just delay in shipping compromising japan and longer term has to see what it takes for them and rebuilding process. how that will impact potential increase next port
9:34 pm
and did he dmrees import. >>reporter: lincoln doesn't seat amount of u.s. export to japan rising. 2010 we exported 3.4 billion worth of good to japan. meat fruit vegetables. >> they buy more from them than they buy from us. i don't think you see much of a dent in terms of u.s. export. >> toyota now says it will resume production of the prius and other hybrid but honda says it can not assemble car because of lack of parts. >> former prime minister of libya says the country is ready to talk with rebel leaders and accept political reform. possibly even election. that would be a mainly milestone. nato will assume full control of the no fly zone over libya on monday and announce canadian general would take command of the operation. vl france today declared libya airspace under
9:35 pm
control but pentagon official says gadhafi ground forces are still a threat. >> prchl pl is scheduled to make most expensive remark on libya today on speech on monday afternoon. >> in syria government troops open fire on protestors for second straight day. first who took these video yesterday claims that sound you hear is government troops shooting at protestors. hundreds of them attended it and will consider lifting some of the repressive law to stop the weak long uprising. >> all right coming up here next. general electric made over 14 billion dollars last year. so why did the company pay no federal taxes? >> plus bay area company that has just been tagged as the world most valuable
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3q >> general electric one of the giant of american business is on the hot seat tonight because of the 2010 tax bill. l zero. ge paid not a penny on more than 14 billion dollars in profit. not a penny. the company ceo just happens to have high profile new position with the white house. here's jake. >> for two years president obama has been talking about the need for corporate tax reform. simplify eliminate loop hole. treat everybody fairly. >> for both the years the ceo of general electric vl council on jobs and competitiveness. he's now the chairman. at the same time that despite 14 billion dollar in worldwide profit, general electric is paying knoll federal taxes. in fact for 2010 ge got a 3.2
9:40 pm
billion dollar tax benefit. >> for most people on the street they see large profit. pl they can not understand why there isn't tax commensurate to those professionals. >>reporter: company in response. ge pay what is it owes upped the law and scrupulous about compliance with tax obligation ins all jurisdictions. the company taxes are reduced because ge capitol is financial arm lost money during the wall street melt down. and much of the profit are overseas allowing the company to use tax loop hole the president criticizes. >> bother him. >> company higher army of tax lawyers to understand how it works and to take advantage of the various loop hole that exist that are legal. >> jake reporting. white house says the council that he chairs advises the president on creating jobs not on tax pochlts critic note that since he became chair of ge the
9:41 pm
company has shed jobs relying more on foreign workers. >> general electric one of the world most valuable brand but not as much as it was last yea year. brand finance company that follows these sorts of things is out with the list of top brand. at&t no. 10 followed by wells fargo at no. 9. apple may be the world most valuable tech company but ranked as world 8 most valuable brand over all. ge comes in seventh. it was sixth last year. bank of america now sixth. next come abm, wall mavrment microsoft comes in no. 2. other tech grant tops the list google is no. 1 most valuable brand in the world wondering face book is hundreds also of spots down on the list. coming in at 2 82 despite the fact that as of today 51 percent or more than half of us are now using that social networking site.
9:42 pm
interesting. >> well still ahead here tonight. one teenager reaction to huge tornado turns him into a viral video [ male announcer ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn... ♪
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in here, machines have a voice... ♪ in here, medical history follows you... even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. is.
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>> one of the influential clothing designer of the 20th century bringing the style of spain to everyone who wore his signs. now mainly retrospective of his work opens this weekend at the museum. opening gala was last night and 7 we were there. about. >> i'm just a huge fachbility biggest fan here. i just adore the declaration have come from the house over the yeevrments incredibly chic and make you feel sexy. i'm a fuji plan of
9:46 pm
his and time that really traveled to the age. >> obviously one of the most influential designer of the century. so many people from other sdirngs the design is so incredible and just passed on to so many vl people we have today. >> this is 1950s l coutoure from cynthia mason. >> what i love about this are the waist. he has he did from the beginning. really amaze amazing also waist. goes with a woman with hour glass fichlingt i love that. it's wonderful to see wiment here looking so chick and el gnt and obviously having major tricky effort. >> what is so remarkable is how modern evrping looks. so many women are varying vintage and it looks like they just stepped out of the pages of p vogue. >> mentioned early he year
9:47 pm
today he saw shows white is deemed as favorite inspired by his words. >> we were all laughing as we looked to the show. farther along the week that we got because over and of again we saw this shape or the hat for her. so many of the designer have been to see missed his tow in new york and been flood by it so i think it was a great tribute valencia and i was looking of there that is absolutely beautiful. 1956. that he was just tell me he found in london 80 pound. absolutely unthinkable. wish i had got there first. >> 80 pounds for the garment is about 81 30 dollars. let's go back always stylish fashionable spencer which includes more rain. >> i'm afraid it does include more rain. first at look at
9:48 pm
some non-rainy picture sent to us by brian maxwell. lack at the beautiful view today. at least this is what spring is to look like. did today in benecia. we see scatteredxd light rainfall around the bay area. up around santa rosa, san rafael and vallejo over to l dublin. storm watch is on. here's the satellite image and second storm coming in on sunday so we have more wet weather coming our world. rain develops rain continues overnight into tomorrow mornin morning. heavy at times pwlaevrngting entire bay year. partial clearing late i'm in an dry for most of next week. high pressure getting into the low to mid 70's. >> that will feel like spring. >> absolutely can't wait for it. >> thanks very much. one more
9:49 pm
weather related tonight. tornadoes are wear in western pennsylvania and if you have any doubt about that just ask 15-year-old tyler tubb in the town of him field dodge. it's hail writ bad right now. we have a twister. do you see the twister? oh, my god. do you see that? oh, my god. it is about ripping stuff apar. this is a tornado, guys. this is a tornado. oh, my god. if you could see that. oh, my god. it landed. hi month god tornado tornado p.not hurt unloaded to you tube where it is very, very popular. dramatic. scare him to death. >> larry is here. >> tyler has career as play by play. tornado. oh,
9:50 pm
>> that's true. >> it's here. we have a safer tornado. it is called the naacp basketball tournament. know how the mighty have fou foulen. say goodbye to the huskies. the highest in the pl if.tournament
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>> coming up tonight at 11. potent dangerous super bug spreading through california and 40 percent die within a month. and the bay area
9:54 pm
billionaire who is serving jury duty. those stirs and more come up in an hour on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7 but larry here with all the sports and the bigger they come the harder they fall. >> if you had ohio state as your champion in your bracket like some of us did, good nigh night. 2 blow out 2 nail biter tonight. top seed in the entire tournament ohio state gone. knocked off by fourth seed kentucky. big men inside battle. pl slams the ball. unharolded this with kentucky by one. second half. stealing and dunking. he had 21. 40 seconds left. andre makes it 60-57 cats. buckeye won it. rise and shine here. john goes through freshman point guard brandon knight. clutch. kentucky by 2. ohio state 5 seconds left. get a look here.
9:55 pm
for 3 and the win. no. kentucky busting bracket all across america. ousting ohio state 62-60. kentucky will meat north caroline in the elite 8. henson and tar heels taking control midway through the first half against marquette and it was over. barns had 20. unc up big. 7 footer. big man with 27 point points. 12 board. tar heel led by 25 at the half and coasted rest of the way. dexter was there 2781-63. rich mopped spider surprised people with reaching the sweet 16. spiders got squished. this is pre-game. 2 teams exchanging words. kansas one of the rich mopped players then l jay hawk shove the spider around on the court. hello. 31-9 kansas. morning star for 3. led kansas with 1
9:56 pm
18. 22 point game. minutes left. smith throwing down bigger and better. >> about on to elite 8 rather easily 77-57. cinderella virginia commonwealth in this way. game tied and time winding down doesn't get a shot off in time. of time tied at 65. 7 second left. i hope bound plan. by one. kitchen. done shoot it. he passes and shot is blocked. wouldn't it have couldn'ted any way. too late to lay it autopsy. didn't shoot it. beat the u. ramps to the he lease 8. yes left side 71. other college hoop. time at the college tournament. a little less fan fare as they beat smu. foster had 35. broncos faces
9:57 pm
tennessee state for the title in that tournament. final 43 years in a row. they will go back for another shot at the national championship. standing in their way. sweet 16. women of north carolina. 5 foot. a card y'all 125 street much of the express they have balance so can the pack 10 player of the year jeanette poland. you got con fir the consummate team. >> i think for us we have very balanced scoring. we have experienced players. and i that they will recognize what north carolina does and we have to really be axwres i have. >> warriors went into the arena tonight on the 6 game losing stream but game out torches all season long. ellis sliding to the hospital oh. wright. deep 3. 39-30 golden state.i'll
9:58 pm
take that he says. wright pl can he dunk. general gentle jam. 45 points in the first quarter. david lee throwing counsel with 8858. just went final. warrior 1 tlaichlt thanks for showing up. 100. cal coach montgomery taking in the state high school division 2 title game at arco arena. l defeat. just soft war. he does and slams the rim no. 1 i use to do that -- well every mind. 18 seconds to go summit in bound pass throw it away and result is the lay up by 3. 1 last hot shot for way off the market and saint jose captures the division ii state title 5 53-50. of 1 option, one of several putting huff in right
9:59 pm
field starting rookie for spaichlts 33 games and i 89th for for me. miguel his only hit of the game but drives in a run. still in the third. white side browns will double. scores sandoval. giants led 3 zip. um garner took no hitter into the fourth then got shelled. jeff ran for 2 run homer. gives up 8 runs. giants got lit up over 3 in 1 10-3. 6 earned runs in 5 and third. >> good night for sports. >> yes. a lot. >> these upsets. >> it has been an amazing tournament so far. >> thanks that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. appreciate your time as always hope to see you again in an hour on channel 7


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